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Isolation Day 97

This is how teachers seem to feel somedays.

Despite the fact that we are surrounded by students, administration and other teachers, it can be easy to feel isolated. You shut the door to your classroom and dive in. Then, each teacher has somewhere between 20 (if you’re lucky) and 120 (or more) students to concern themselves with daily.
Taking the time to commiserate, assist, or listen to others can be difficult to do.

Additionally, it can be quite isolating when you find out that you will not be returning to an already isolating job, and others are. It is one of the easiest ways to alienate a person, and one of the most upsetting.

If you know a teacher, especially a younger one, be sure to thank them and let them know that you appreciate all of your hard work! ❤


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Summer Tartlets

As summer approaches, teachers of all shapes, sizes and disciplines will be dieting to return to their “summer weight”

Something about the stress of a school year and the all-consuming job description discourages exercise and proper nutrition.

Enter Strawberry Tartlets. Diet friendly, light, and delicious. Thanks to SmittenKitchen for her yummy recipe! As I attempt to stave off depression AND further weight gain, I think these little tartlets will do just the trick!

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Miss Informed’s first task

As a brand new teacher this past year, I am also brand new at this being laid-off thing.

I took a job at a high school (ALL NAMES HAVE BEEN CHANGED TO PROTECT PRIVACY), worked my little patootie right off, and then proceeded to be attacked by the state. At this point, I was informed by my boss that I would not be rehired for the fall, due to budgetary concerns.

UGGH! I took this job to change lives,not to be vilified please!

Please join me as I chronicle the adventure of the newly employed and the newly teaching!


Miss Informed

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